useful or keep silent !!!

Resign from PT

Today is the day when my status have been changed into “jobless”.

Why “jobless”? because i’ve been resign from PT 😦

And the reason i’ve to resign from PT is BJB (Bank Jabar Banten), even my test in BJB not yet finished. But i’ve to choose to be jobless until i got another job. That’s what i call *Fair*. Common people always scary if they got status jobless or they can’t get money in each month. Yap why everyone always resign in one place after they got in another place? i think that’s really unfair x_X

but it’s return on each person and depend on different situation and condition.

OK just forget about that.

And i’am really happy because i’ve been part of PT

And hopefully all of my fault, mistake even that intentionally or unintentionally can be forgive. 🙂

And never forget to say big thank you for Mr. Mico Wendy (CEO PT, Mr. Surya Widjaja, Mr. Verry Taslim, Mr. Aang, Mrs. Mutia, Irman, Willy, Hendry, Rahmat and all of people in PT, PT Sirius and PT Net Desain that i can’t mention one by one. Dude all of you is ROCK \m/


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